GeoPositions v1.3

— English —
New update of the GeoPositions plugin.


  • Adds Geo meta tags to HTML header
  • Fixed Google Map (now it uses Google Maps API Key)

— Español —
Nueva actualización del plugin GeoPositions.

Lista de cambios:

  • Añade las meta etiquetas Geo a la cabecera HTML
  • Google Map corregido (ahora usa una clave Google Maps API)

2 pensamientos en “GeoPositions v1.3

  1. Muaddib


    I do a second hack on GeoPositions 1.3
    (see )

    The purpose is to display all localised posts in Google Earth, to see the blog in a spatial way. Example :

    I do a post about Berlin, and I put a “GeoPositionsâ€? link on it.
    When a visitor clicks on “See my blog on Google Earthâ€?, a placemark appears on Berlin that signal the existence of a post. When the visitor select this placemark, links to all the post that referer to this location are displayed.

    I’ve also change the way [GP| are found too in order to avoid making too many searches when location number is important. Last, I add a tag in KML Google Earth data in order providing a trackback to the blog post in Google Earth.

    Are you interrest by integrated theses features in GeoPositions plugin ? I couldn’t send you the modified files because I can’t find your email, but if you want their just ask me : sourisdudesert (at) . I would be very happy to contribute to this very pleasant plugin 🙂

    Me gusta



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