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Plugin: GeoPositions

Version: 1.3


It allow assigning geographic coordinates to places and show them on your post as links to geolocalization services, like Google Maps, Google Earth and others.


  • Support Google Maps, Google Earth (KML files), and MSN Virtual Earth geolocalization systems
  • Enable/Disable each geolocalization system
  • Asign IDs to each positions and add them to posts using the [GP:ID] especial tag
  • Search for positions using the integrated Google Map
  • Adds Geo meta tags to HTML header


  1. Download GeoPositions plugin and unzip the file to a temporal folder
  2. Upload the four images files (icon_google_earth.gif, icon_google_maps.gif, icon_multimap.gif, icon_msn_ve.gif) to your WordPress “/wp-images” folder
  3. Upload wp-geopositions-file.php file to your WordPress main/root folder
  4. Upload wp-geopositions.php file to your WordPress “/wp-content/plugins” folder
  5. Activate the plugin in the administration
  6. Go to Administration » Options » GeoPositions
  7. Enter your Google Maps API Key and save it


  1. Go to Administration » Options » GeoPositions
  2. Search for the position in the map, type an ID and a title for it, and push the Add Position button.
  3. Use the [GP:ID] especial tag in your posts. For example, if you have created a position with the identificator “New York“, you can add the geolocalization links to your post adding the following code:
    [GP:New York]
    And this is the result: New York[GP:New York]

Administration Panel Preview:


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Plugin: GeoPositions

Versión: 1.3


Permite asignar coordenadas geográficas a lugares y mostrarlas en tus entradas como enlaces a servicios de geolocalización, como Google Maps, Google Earth y otros.


  • Soporte de los sistemas de geolocalización Google Maps, Google Earth (archivos KML), y MSN Virtual Earth
  • Activación/Desactivación cada sistema de geolocalización
  • Asigna IDs a cada posición y añadelas a las entradas usando la etiqueta especial [GP:ID]
  • Busqueda de posiciones usando el mapa integrado de Google Maps
  • Añade las meta etiquetas Geo a la cabecera HTML


  1. Descarga el plugin GeoPositions y descomprime el archivo a una carpeta temporal
  2. Sube los cuatro archivos de imagen (icon_google_earth.gif, icon_google_maps.gif, icon_multimap.gif, icon_msn_ve.gif) a tu carpeta “/wp-images” de WordPress
  3. Sube el archivo wp-geopositions-file.php a tu carpeta principal/raiz de WordPress
  4. Sube el archivo wp-geopositions.php a tu carpeta “/wp-content/plugins” de WordPress
  5. Activa el plugin a través de la administración
  6. Entra en Administración» Opciones » GeoPositions
  7. Introduce tu clave de Google Maps API y salvala


  1. Entra en Administración» Opciones » GeoPositions
  2. Busca la posición en el mapa, escribe un ID y un título para la misma, y pulsa el botón Add Position.
  3. Usa la etiqueta especial [GP:ID] en tus entradas. Por ejemplo, si has creado una posicion cuyo identificador es “El Puerto“, puedes añadir los enlaces de geolocalizacion a tu entrada agregando el siguiente código:
    [GP:El Puerto]
    Y este es el resultado: El Puerto de Santa María[GP:El Puerto]

Vista previa del panel de administración:

Vista previa

74 pensamientos en “GeoPositions

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  4. James

    What an excellent plug in!
    Just wondereing if it is possible to have the links open in another page?
    Another suggestion:
    The possibility to include a map in the post with pins where a poste has been made – the idea is to make the whole thing look like a trail

    Cheers for the effort

    Me gusta

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  8. Matthias

    Hi, very nice tool, but not what I am looking for. 🙂

    I wonderd why it doesn’t show me the satelite photos from germany.. I’ve changed a number and everything is fine.
    Have a look at line 352 of the wp-geopositions.php file and change v=1 into v=2
    snip: […]

    Me gusta

  9. Maximus

    Have the plugin installed in WP 2.1.2 and the Google MAPS all work fine. If I use Google Earth Links, and click on one the “balloon”, I get a page not found error. The wp-geopositions-file.php is there, located in the main WP directory. Anyone any ideas?

    Me gusta

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  11. Serg

    i’m testing your great plugin and everything seems to work fine. But web i click on google mushuo icon to see my location in google maps i display the right location without any mushup on the google map. I’ve tried tagging the post witn the [GP:ID] tag but it doesent works
    thank oyu

    Me gusta

  12. Macsou


    Thanks for your plugin. But can you help me for seeing the map in my post ?
    Because, I’ve tried tagging the post with the [GP:ID] tag but it doesent works and I can’t see the map.
    You can see the result at :

    Here my code in the post :
    Test avec le plugin Géo-Position
    [GP:El Puerto]

    Me gusta

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  14. Thomas

    a really great plugin. that’s why i love wordpress so much. you can find plugins for everything you’d ever think of. and even more. 😉 took me a while to figure it out but i think i finally got it. thanks.

    Me gusta

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